Um, anyway this is a new song that I wrote. It’s called ‘Fearless’ and, um, it’s about the best first date I haven’t had yet.
Taylor Swift talking about Fearless (x)
I could play somethin’ that not many people have heard, for you guys. It would be on the next album since, well, you’re goin’ to hear five of my songs that are on the radio and stuff, thanks to great stations like you guys. But, um, this is a song that I wrote…
Taylor Swift introducing Fearless (x)
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Well, um, Ed has heard a lot of the songs on the album but he hadn’t heard the first single, because, um, the time that I was gonna to play it for him it was the day that ‘Sing’ had just come out and I was like, ‘We are not.’ He was like, ‘Play me, play me the first single. Is, is it done?’ And I had just finished it and I said, ‘No, we’re not making this about my music today. This all about ‘Sing’ today.’ So, um, now he’s finally gotten to hear it along with the rest of the world. But he has heard a lot on the new album, so he’s got, he’s got the inside scoop. I doubt he’ll tell though.
Taylor Swift talking about if Ed has listened to 1989 (x)
One of the things you can expect is that I’m really trying to challenge myself in every single way possible to make music that doesn’t sound like music I’ve made before, so that theme you can expect throughout the rest of the record. But when you get into the album there are a lot of kind of late 80’s, uh, sounds and vocal stylings and production elements and we were just really playing around with this album and didn’t limit ourselves and what ended up happening was we made an album that really sounds like an album. It’s really sonically cohesive and that’s something I’m really proud of.
Taylor Swift talking about 1989 (x)
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Yes! Actually, I’m nominated for two CMT Music Awards, so they’re fan voted shows. Um, and so, you know, if you go on and vote for my video that’d be really really nice. I’d love that.
Taylor Swift talking about being nominated for 2 CMT Music Awards in 2008 (x)
That’s my mom’s phone. My mom’s really ghetto ringtone. Stop.
Taylor Swift talking about her mom’s phone ringing (x)
No! Not at all. No.
Taylor Swift talking about if she is nervous to go on Jay Leno (x)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. Yeah, we have copies of it.
Taylor Swift talking about giving the camera man a copy of the DVD she made for Jay Leno (x)
That’s so sweet. Yes, I did. I gave him the DVD and he was really really nice.
Taylor Swift talking about giving Jay Leno the DVD she made him (x)
Well, he came to the dressing room and I know he’s like a muscle car freak. He loves old cars and stuff and so, um, I had a present for him ready. I had, um, this DVD that I put together with all these pictures of old cars that, um, my neighbor back in Nashville owns like the biggest private museum of like old Mustangs and stuff, so I put together this dvd of pictures and like a ticket that says like anytime you come to Nashville you can drive all these cars. So he was really really nice. He came in when I looked really really bad. I had no makeup on and my hair was like all on top of my head.
Taylor Swift talking about the DVD she made for Jay Leno (x)
So I guess we’re just gonna go for a little more glam, a little more like polished.
Taylor Swift talking about the other boots she was going to wear for her appearance on Jay Leno (x)
And this, this, these are the other boots I was gonna wear possibly and, uh, they figure, you know, maybe not. That’s what I wear for my shows, so I was wondering, but you know.
Taylor Swift talking about the boots she was going to wear for her appearance on Jay Leno (x)