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That was my little tribute to Johnny Cash. Johnny was also the name of the first guy I ever had a crush on, when I was in second grade. He lived next door to us.
Taylor Swift talking about naming the male character in the Tim McGraw music video ‘Johnny’ (x)
It was absolutely amazing. The building where we did makeup and hair was John and June’s studio. It was just unbelievable, all the history that goes along with being on that property.
Taylor Swift talking about shooting the Tim McGraw music video at a cabin that belonged to Johnny Cash (x)
I absolutely loved the video-making process.
Taylor Swift talking about the her experience filming the Tim McGraw music video (x)
Let’s hope he likes it, and doesn’t think I’m a stalker.
Taylor Swift talking about giving a copy of Tim McGraw to Tim McGraw’s producer in hopes that Tim will hear it (x)
The song is about the haunting power of country music. It’s about two people who fall in love to a Tim McGraw song. Even after they break up, every time they hear that song it takes them right back to that place.
Taylor Swift talking about Tim McGraw (x)
I really am fine with it, because most normal kids won’t be able to do what I’m getting this unbelievable chance to do. It’s what I’ve been working for my whole life, and I’m gonna go for it.
Taylor Swift talking about not being worried that she is missing out on a normal teenage life (x)
It’s like I have two different lives. Other kids do track, I do this.
Taylor Swift talking about balancing her career and high school (x)
When I first started playing guitar, I played for four hours a day. I played until my fingers bled. I’ve always been very serious about it.
Taylor Swift talking about when she first started playing guitar (x)
I’m bringing gloves back!
Taylor Swift talking about wearing gloves to the 40th CMA Awards (x)


I’ve been freaking out a bit…okay A LOT because Taylor started following my main blog. 


I also love Taylor’s response to the quote in Harper’s Bazaar Germany that was translated from German to English. Which you can look at here if you have’t seen it already. Her response is the reason that I don’t post quotes from articles that require translation. With those types of articles, Taylor responds in English then her response is translated into another language (in this case German) for the article and then people translate the article back into English. With every translation, part of the original response is lost. Words get left out and/or new words get added in. 

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The last couple of years have been about defining life on my own terms. Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I’d try. It’s a really liberating and freeing time.
Taylor Swift talking about her last couple of years (x)
I’m not worried about whether I meet someone. I’m going to be happy either way.
Taylor Swift talking about not being worried about meeting someone (x)
I used to be fascinated by romance. Now I’m more realistic.
Taylor Swift talking about being more realistic about romance (x)