Taylor Swift

"There was a little demo I made when I was 11, and I think it’s floating around the Internet. It’s called “Smoky Black Nights,” and it’s all about being at the Shore. Then there’s the song “Invisible,” which is about the son of my parents’ friends. They were always at my house and their son was my age, and he would always tell me about other girls he liked. I felt, well, invisible. Obviously. So I wrote that song about it, and it was a bonus track on my first album." — Taylor Swift talking about songs inspired by the Shore (x)

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"I used to sing karaoke at Henny’s [on Third Avenue] and play acoustic shows for hours on end at Coffee Talk, a little cafe on 98th Street. I used to drag my parents into those places all the time, and all of their friends would show up and put dollars in my tip jar. When I was younger, I used to play for hours and hours in cafes like that. When I would run out of material, I’d just start making up songs on the spot." — Taylor Swift talking about performing while at the Shore (x)

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"I loved the cookies ‘n’ cream they have there. And I’ve always been a huge cookie-dough fan. I remember when I was little, I used to walk in there and just stare up at all the flavors and toppings, completely frozen and unable to make a final decision. I was always so overwhelmed when I went in there. This question makes me really hungry, by the way." — Taylor Swift talking about her favorite flavor at Springer’s (x)

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"My favorite Shore food was going to Italian Garden on 96th Street. That was my favorite place to eat. I loved the giant Caesar salads and the white pizza. I went back there the last time I was in New Jersey." — Taylor Swift talking about her favorite Shore food (x)

"It was really cool living on the bay, and we have so many stories about it. We used to all gather together on the dock when the boat parades would go by on July 4 and we’d shoot water balloons at them. I made a clubhouse in the room above my garage and made a filing system of members of the club. Everyone had a profile that I would write on tiles I found. I painted the whole room different colors and used to spend all day in there just doing nothing but sitting in my little club. Because it was mine. We lived across from the bird sanctuary and I had a pair of binoculars, and some days I’d just stare at the window, looking for birds. Or the boy who lived next door to me, whom I swore I would marry someday. One summer when I was 11, I wrote a novel. I was allowed to be kind of weird and quirky and imaginative as a kid, and that was my favorite part of living at the Shore." — Taylor Swift talking about her rituals at the Shore (x)

"I went back to Stone Harbor two summers ago, when we were on tour with Brad Paisley. We had a day off, so I took my whole band back to my little summer town and we went out to one of the islands in the inlet and swam and tubed and went water-skiing. It was really cool seeing it all again, walking around and going to Springer’s and Donna’s. I kind of felt like I was 10 years old again. Except, this time a few more people knew me." — Taylor Swift talking about the last time she went to Stone Harbor (x)

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"I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore from the time I was 2 until we sold the house in Stone Harbor when I was 14. It was a pretty magical place to grow up." — Taylor Swift talking about spending her summers at the Shore (x)

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"I’m sure we’ll play there soon. I saw LeAnn Rimes in concert in Atlantic City when I was 8. She touched my hand. I bragged about it for a year." — Taylor Swift talking about if she’ll be playing Atlantic City soon (x)

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"Ellen DeGeneres. Every time I’ve been on her show, I’ve had the most fun ever. I think she has such talent for bringing out the best stories and the best part of your personality. That social dynamic is something I’d love to learn." — Taylor Swift talking about who she would want to have dinner with (x)

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"It’s ‘Love Actually,’ because it’s all these different angles of love and relationships. It takes place around Christmas time and you see how all these different people are in all these different situations, and the way that it coincides is just brilliant. I think that that movie has inspired me in so many different ways in just seeing how all these different things could be going on in these people’s lives. It’s this huge quilt of stories, and I love that." — Taylor Swift talking about her favorite movie (x)

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"As far as acting is concerned, I would love to do it if was very well written and witty. I would love to be on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ in some sort of supporting role. That would be my absolute dream." — Taylor Swift talking about her acting aspirations (x)

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"Faith Hill. Every time Faith talks to me, she’s incredibly sweet. It just blows me away that she can be so incredibly beautiful and talented and such a huge star, and be so down to earth and humble. Also, Nicole Kidman blew me away when I met her. She was so gracious and sweet, and I love that about her." — Taylor Swift talking about which of her musical heroes stands out (x)

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"Obviously I want to be as knowledgeable as possible, know as many aspects of life as I can and be well rounded. College is one way that can happen. But I think traveling around the country and getting to shake hands with people I’ve looked up to my entire life, and writing songs and co-producing an album makes you well rounded, too. I’m not gonna shut doors and say that I’m never going to college, but right now, I’m not gonna walk away from something that I’m so lucky to have." — Taylor Swift talking about if she plans on going to college (x)

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"I’ll be staying at home for a few more years. I’m never home anyway, and my parents and I get along so well. I think everybody’s afraid of me growing up too fast, and I’m afraid of that, too. I really love my parents, and I like watching my brother grow up. I don’t have lots of opportunities to pick him up from school or see him go off to his dances. So when I’m home, I want to witness whatever normalcy I can." — Taylor Swift talking about if she is going to move into her own house now that she graduated from high school (x)

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"I was so proud of this in high school — I won the best dissector award in biology. I have that little piece of paper in my wallet, from ninth grade…Surgery and biology have always been really fascinating to me, so I was really excited that they thought I had like the most potential as a surgeon." — Taylor Swift talking about the most unusual thing in her purse (x)

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